The Importance of Video Marketing

With so many eyes on screens, there is a huge audience that your company cannot ignore any longer; which is why video creation is a good option to improve marketing for any business.

The presence of video alone will improve your Google ranking and give you a plethora of new ways to improve SEO and overall marketing.

Video is more engaging than other forms of content and it inherently offers a number of other opportunities.

Content is extremely important in making your website appear relevant to Google. According to a Cisco report, it would take a person over 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2021.

A video is an attainable way to attract eyes to every company, and successfully compete for those eyes!

Here are 9 reasons why your website needs video and how your company can accomplish it.

Google will reward your website in terms of SEO

A webpage receives “bonus points” from Google if there is a video on the page helping it rank better on search engines, such as Google. Google made videos the fourth tab on their own search engine for a reason, the call to action here is obvious, your website needs video.

Video increases time on site by the user, which acts as insurance (to Google) that your site has good content, and it gives you more content to optimize for SEO such as links, keywords, and descriptions. With a video, you have more opportunities to write relevant keywords in titles, file names, tags, and more, which will help ensure that Google knows the relevancy of your video.

The Marketing Funnel

The top of the marketing funnel is the hardest to measure, but a video is one of the best ways to quickly move people down the funnel.

Video boosts conversions and sales — why? Because it helps users make a purchasing decision. Consider when you are buying a new jacket. You go to the website and there is a video explaining everything about what the jacket is and how it was made.

You learn this jacket was made with the most sustainable materials possible, it weighs less than a feather, its Cheetah print (your favorite)– and you’re sold– you are thoroughly convinced this is the best jacket ever. The same thing happens when a video tells

When a user visits a site, the content on a page is what is going to convert them. The internet has taken away the role of the salesmen, so you need to convince people to try your product or service by having good on-page content.

Videos communicate your brand.

A video is a great way to communicate your brand personality. Before you skip what you may consider the “fluffy” section –yes, you can quantify brand communication.

First, let us remind you of Dollar Shave Club whose video screamed brand success. This company sold their business for a billion dollars. Video builds client trust. Whether its consistently publishing a video with relevant content or showing how your product works, the consumer will feel more confident about choosing your company over a competitor when you provide a video.

Many people are skeptical of online companies or ads, but a video will alleviate fears because it’s the online version of having a conversation with someone after they walk into your store. It also satisfies the curiosity bug, customers want to know how and why your product works.

A video is like going into Krispy Kreme and seeing all the donuts on the conveyor belt behind the window, it gives your business transparency. Now that you want donuts, go make a video!

Okay, I’m convinced, but I still don’t know how.

Now that you are convinced you need to include videos on your site, let’s talk about how to practically make it happen. There are many websites out there you can use to create quick and easy videos, such as Lumen5. The ideal length of the video differs across different platforms, however, here are the general guidelines for success:

  • Instagram 30 sec.
  •  Twitter 45 sec.
  •  FB 1 min.
  •  YouTube 2 min.

Try not to get hung up on small details, this is an opportunity for you to get the point across to potential customers –these videos don’t need to be perfect. Take existing content and condense it into a short video. Keep in mind you are an expert in your field and what’s old news to you may be new to someone else.

Most video creators will recommend that you “tell a story,” but that isn’t always true. Telling a story may take too much time and resources. It is perfectly fine to have a video that is short if the content or information meets a need. Think about when you go to YouTube for a tutorial on how to change your oil.

The video doesn’t have to be pretty, you just want it to accurately tell you how to change your oil. Be sure to include captions, so viewers can watch the video anywhere anytime, without the worry of being disruptive.

We are talking about short, quick, easy to make videos. Think about videos as the short and sweet version of blog articles– people like them because they are digestible and quick! You may wonder if your business has anything worth making a video about, but we promise that videos can be made using any content on your website.

This is because users want to see videos. Your video doesn’t have to be a professional-grade video, it just needs to help create a good user experience.

We recommend hosting your videos on at least three different video platforms. Consider also creating a transcript for your video. A transcript of your video will make it easier for users to find your company. YouTube is a great option because it’s owned by Google and is itself a search engine.

After publishing your video to different platforms, create backlinks from those platforms. By creating a YouTube channel, you can link to your website in the channel profile and the video description–and voila you have two relevant backlinks!

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