How to respond to negative reviews

How to respond to negative reviews when there is no way to delete it?

Online customer reviews are an excellent way for customers to express their gratitude for your business. They’re also a great opportunity for potential customers to discover what their peers have to say about a certain product or service.

However, offering a review option also allows the public to express negative sentiments about your brand. When it comes to online reviews, there are best practices to follow when handling these concerns and managing negative reviews. Note that with Google, Yelp, and Facebook, there is no way for us to delete a review. It can only be removed directly by the user that left the review or by the review platform provider.

How to respond to negative reviews ?

Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews are helpful because they can show businesses what they need to improve based on what customers think of their brand. For tips on how to respond to negative feedback, take a look at this piece on  Online Reviews Guidelines and Tips.

Unfortunately, review platforms can provide an outlet for consumers to air grievances, use obscene language, or, worst of all, leave inappropriate comments or hate speech. Below are some tips on how to manage negative comments or users on Facebook:

  • Hide or delete comments that contain destructive language
  • Block users from your page if their behavior turns into harassment
  • Ban specific keywords when it comes to comments posted on your page
  • Set comments to be reviewed by a business before being posted

Remember, you can always turn reviews on your page off. If you feel you need to report a review, you can do so if the review does not follow the Facebook Community Standards or does not focus on the product or service offered by the page. Facebook will review the report you submit and can remove reviews that don’t follow the guidelines. Keep in mind you can only report star ratings that are accompanied with written reviews.

Follow the steps below on how to report a review:

  1. Go to the review and click the three dots in the top right corner.
  2. Click Report post.
  3. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Google Reviews

When it comes to Google reviews, we can report the review to Google through our agency account. However, it is Google’s final decision to remove or display the review. Our team adheres to the following procedure set by Google and encourages others to do so as well.

  1. Search your company name on Google Search
  2. To the right, you will see your stores logo, map, contact information, etc.
  3. Go to the “Reviews” section and click “View all Google reviews”
  4. Find the review you’d like to report and scroll over the review until you see a grey flag appear to the right of the timestamp
  5. Click on the flag and fill out the form on the page you are directed to

Flagging the review over the period of a couple of weeks from several different user accounts can also help send additional signals to Google about the review. You can also flag the review, but if you wish to speak with them directly, call at 866-246-6453.

Yelp Reviews

Like other networks, when managing negative reviews on Yelp we suggest being honest, courteous, and professional, and to try and find a solution to the customer’s issue. Yelp allows businesses to respond publicly and privately to user reviews. Yelp suggests that you keep in mind these reviewers are your paying customers. Customers who you can transform into returning customers if you handle the situation appropriately. Yelp can also remove a review if it violates their Content Guidelines.

Managing negative reviews can be time-consuming. However, it is essential to good business practices. How customers feel after receiving your service has a vital impact on the success of your business. When dealing with reviews remember to empathize, apologize, and try to find a resolution to turn their experience into a positive one.

If you aren’t already in the habit of actively reviewing and responding to your Yelp reviews, take the advice of your peers on why it’s so important. After all, there’s no one more understanding of managing customer reviews than a fellow business owner themselves. Refer to Yelp’s quick video and guide to see other business owners’ opinions on reviews and their best practices for responding to negative feedback.

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